PocketCom with RS232 CNC Communications and GTL.

Would you like to try PocketCom?

If you have a PDA or Phone running Microsoft Windows Mobile.
 Download PocketCom and try it for free!*

PocketCom costs £199.00 to register which can be paid using PayPal.

*Transfer with PocketCom is limited and GTL only has demo mode until registration is completed!

Comprehensive Editor
CADLink's PocketCom is a complete CNC Program Editor, which allows viewing and modifying of your programs.

CADLink's PocketCom can be used top send or receive RS232 data through the PDAs serial or Bluetooth serial ports.

CADLink's PocketCom has a comprehensive choice of configuration settings to enable problem-free program transfers to a wide range of controllers. 

Simple and informative user interface

Comprehensive and flexible configurations to set up each of your CNCs
CADLink's PocketCom setup windows make it very easy to apply different forms of encoding and formatting.

Commonly used settings may be saved by name, so if you have a variety of machines, their optimum settings may easily be recalled.

Help is available to fully explain all the settings and procedures. 

Port Settings

With Macro Language
CADLink's PocketCom has our GTL (Geometry Text Language) inbuilt, allowing full Geometry Intersection and Path Calculation for Lines, Arcs and Points.

GTL is complete with full Macro abilities allowing you to create all your standard parts; we even supply the most commonly used shapes.

Help is available to explain the full structure and use of the language.
GTL Intersection and Path Calculations