Production PCB testing depends on a robust test jig to hold the spring loaded probes that make connections to a bare board PCB.  Probe-Ability is a powerful computer-based tool for speeding the design and production of "bed-of-nails" rigs for PCB testing. 

Starting with only the PCB drilling data in Gerber format, Probe-Ability will analyse the layout and tell you if there are locations too closely spaced to be populated with probes. 

It continues trying probe sizes so as to populate every hole with the largest probe that will fit that location using the clearance distances you specify to adjacent locations.
Locations are grouped into individual optimised toolpaths for each size of tool called up, and processed into code for your CNC drilling machine.
Inbuilt stored data for your commonly used probe sizes . . .
. . . and their associated tooling can be entered and edited to your own requirements.
The result - in minutes, not days - is the quickest design route to the best test rig for that PCB!